User Engagement

Create product tours that engage and guide your users to key actions in your web software.

Use it to reduce user journey frictions, increase sales, prevent support tickets and reduce churn.
User Engagement
Customer Behavior Analytics (CBA)

Customer Behavior Analytics

Understand Customer Behavior, track their journey inside your web platform and get valuable insights about the best action plan.

Use Customer Behavior Analytics to track your user behavior and get independency from Google Analytics and the development team.

NPS & Customer Feedback

Analyze real time in-app NPS Results and get insights from customer's feedback.

Use it to understand your customers satisfaction and direct your actions to success delivery and customer satisfaction.
NPS & Customer Feedback

Customer Experience Automation

Empower your CX team
Increase Sales
73% of new users abandon a digital product in less than 5 minutes due to bad experiences. Guide them to key actions inside your software with product tours focused on sales.
Decrease churn
Analyze NPS results, get insights from customer feedbacks and use product tours to delight your customers, decrease churn rate and increase your LTV.
reduce support tickets
Create guided FAQs to answer your users’ doubts instantly and prevent them from happening.Reduce support costs and delight your customers.
Bruno Ghisi
CTO at ResultadosDigitais
"Conpass is a way for companies to create unique experiences for it's users and increase conversion rates."
Conpass is a
Customer Experience Automation Platform
Customer Experience Automation
Conpass helps small and medium businesses to increase sales, decrease churn and reduce support tickets trough a Customer Experience Automation Platform that allow companies to create product tours, measure NPS and analyze customer behavior.
Improve your Customers Experience.
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