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Customer Experience Automation Platform for Software Companies

We help software companies to reduce friction and engage your users through customer experience automation.

About Conpass

Net Promoter Score

Launch in-app NPS surveys in less than 5 minutes, analyze everything
in real time.

Guided Tours

Create guided tours, engage customers and take your users to complete key actions inside your software.


Support your decisions with data and drive your strategy to the right direction.

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Not using Conpass can bring negative impacts to you
Product trainings are 30% longer
Free to paid conversion rate is 60% lower than it could be
Number of level 1 customer support calls are 90% higher
Churn rate is 30% higher than it could actually be
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Find out how we can help you to improve your results!

Increase sales, reduce time spent with trainings, decrease churn and customer support calls.


Create guided tours

Automate your users' experience and make sure value is delivered fast.

Create user onboarding campaigns and guide your users in their first interaction with your software.
Create guided tours and automate high touch product trainings.
Create sales oriented campaigns and make your users quickly understand why they need you.
Segment and create different campaigns for different audiences.
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Create notifications

Let your customers always updated, make them feel important!

Launch new features
Congratulate users for reaching important results.
Use messages to make announcements simple and effective.
Use videos to deliver better messages
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Automated customer support

Solve their doubts even before they ask you.

Create an automated assistant that follows your users everywhere inside your software.
Ask questions and guide your users according to their answers.
Prevent simple doubts on support calls.
24/7 predictive customer support.
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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

NPS & Customer Feedback

Measure customer satisfaction

Launch in-app NPS surveys in less than 5 minutes
Real-time analysis.
Gather feedback from your users.
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Analyze user behavior

Conpass Analytics

Analyze your customers' behavior

Create checklists and user journeys, automatically see which users have completed each task.
Create goals and analyze user behavior.
Customizable Dashboard.
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We have delighted millions of people

+ 15 millions

guided users

+ 6.000

helped companies

+ 20.000

created flows


Conheça algumas historias de sucesso

Luiz Henrique Brandão
Analista de Marketing da Loja Integrada
Com a Conpass encontramos a solução para pegar nossos clientes pela mão e ensinar o passo a passo, para eles terem sucesso com suas lojas virtuais.
Héderson Cassimiro
CEO da HiGestor
Quando falamos de User Onboarding, estamos falando de engajamento do usuário e o engajamento é fundamental para o cliente sentir-se confiante em colocar seus processos para rodar dentro do sistema, sentir que ali ele conseguirá ser mais eficiente e confiar muito que o sistema vai o ajudar.
Bruno Ghisi
CTO da ResultadosDigitais
A Conpass é uma forma das empresas criarem uma experiência diferenciada para seus usuários e aumentarem suas taxas de conversão.

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Create guided tours to engage customers.
Launch new features.
Create a virtual assistant to prevent customer support calls.