Delight and lead your customers to success with guided tours inside your software. Automate your helpdesk, create user engagement campaigns and much more.

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With our partners, we have guided over 2 million users to success.

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Better experiences with your product will bring more trial conversions, reduce churn rates and helpdesk calls.

User Onboarding

With Conpass you can educate your users so they can understand every step and feature of your product. Assure that your customers have a deep knowledge of your system’s functionalities, improving user engagement and customer satisfaction.

Feature Adoption

Ensure that your customers are engaged with your software, realizing how important it is. Create flows with ads and captivating orientations to show features that are still not being used. Continue to delight your customers

Reduce Helpdesk Calls

Eliminate simple helpdesk calls, deliver the success your customers are looking for. Explain dynamically how your system works before doubts even exist, avoid helpdesk calls, have a predictive and personalized customer service.


Automate User Onboarding, improve retention and guide your users to success.

your results

With our analytics tool, you can see and compare how many visualisations each flow has every day. We also offer a flow report, that shows the conversion in each step and who visualized the flow. This allows you to identify which steps have higher conversion rates, understand and test different engagement strategies.

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Improve activation in your product

Show new features to your users. With our “modals” or “pop over” you can guide their attention to  unexplored sections of your website, invite them to test it!

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Create segmented flows

With segmentation you can show flows to only a group of users. This tool allows you to use different speech for each kind  of user in your system.

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your flows

We offer the option to personalize every flow and step according to your brand’s identity. You can also use CSS to make it look like however you want.

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Reduction of helpdesk calls.


Increase in trial conversions.


Decrease in churn rates

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Conpass is a way for companies to create unique experiences for it's users and increase conversion rates.

Bruno Ghisi

When we talk about User Onboarding, we are talking about user engagement. This is fundamental for the client to feel confident in using the system and understanding that with the system he can be much more efficient.

Héderson Cassimiro

With Conpass we found a way to take our customers by the hand and teach them, step by step, how to achieve success with their virtual shops.

Luiz Henrique Brandão
Marketing Analyst